Forensic Analysis

Lancaster Decision Analysis can provide you with the expertise to determine not only the reason behind a failure but also the likelihood of that event.

Our engineering expertise has assisted clients with a wide variety of cases including both engineering and statistical analyses.

Our forensic engineering services can assist you in determining the cause of failure. We have provided analyses of cases involving injuries suffered such as from a failed piece of office equipment, or a fall from corroded stadium bleachers.

But our forensic experience is not limited to studying the cause of an engineering failure. We also provide statistical analysis to ascertain the likelihood of a failure or the probability of a possible outcome if the failure had not occurred. The latter has proved effective in analyzing elections and voting equipment. In several cases we we have developed probability models that can determine if an election may have involved faulty voting machines, and if so, the statistically likely outcome had the failure not occurred.

Mobile Software Released

Please check out our free iPhone - iPod Touch - iPad apps. LER Mapper and MontCo Emergency provide real time emergency scanners so you may listen to emergency responders in Lancaster and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania. In addition to live streaming audio these native iPhone apps provide the user with a map and list showing the locations of fire, EMS, and traffic incidents as they happen. Keep abreast of local emergencies as they happen.s