Campaigns and Elections

An effective campaign requires knowledge of where your voters are. Lancaster Decision Analysis can help.

Lancaster Decision Analysis has developed tools to assist you in planning a campaign strategy. This consists of studying previous elections and current polling data to identify potential voting blocks.

We have also developed propriety tools that can identify efficiencies in demographic blocks based on geographic locations. For example, if your party does well in one precinct but not in another, we can identify the what demographic group within the precincts is causing the difference.

We can provide you with efficiency maps of precincts and districts to assist you in planning your neighborhood campaigns. We can also develop up precinct maps showing possible voters and contacts.

Mobile Software Released

Please check out our free iPhone - iPod Touch - iPad apps. LER Mapper and MontCo Emergency provide real time emergency scanners so you may listen to emergency responders in Lancaster and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania. In addition to live streaming audio these native iPhone apps provide the user with a map and list showing the locations of fire, EMS, and traffic incidents as they happen. Keep abreast of local emergencies as they happen.s