Analytics, Optimization, and GIS

Analytics is the use of mathematical and computational tools to solve problems in business and industry. Lancaster Decision Analysis can provide your businesss or organization with a wide array of analytic services to optimize your operations an increase your bottom line.

The most common analytic service is statistical analysis. We have experience using statistical methods to identify certain characteristics of your operations or find areas in which there may be inefficiencies upon which you can improve.

Statistical modeling is not the only tool that we use. A common problem with all organizations is identifying inefficiencies. We have been implementing a non-statistical relative efficiency technique that can compare your various decision making groups to determine how they utilize resources with respect to one another. By identifying the strengths of each group you can work to improve your overall operations.

We can also provide your organization with spatial analysis and GIS services. Our mapping tools and techniques can help you identify potential customers, help with site location, or optimize routing to reduce waste.

Mobile Software Released

Please check out our free iPhone - iPod Touch - iPad apps. LER Mapper and MontCo Emergency provide real time emergency scanners so you may listen to emergency responders in Lancaster and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania. In addition to live streaming audio these native iPhone apps provide the user with a map and list showing the locations of fire, EMS, and traffic incidents as they happen. Keep abreast of local emergencies as they happen.s